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Quick, Quick, Let!


Is it really possible to get your flat let and rent coming in within a week? Yes, if you follow this 5 step plan.

  • Get the right price. Research your market carefully to get the right price, remember it can change daily.  Check out your competition on the property portals.  If your agent has really intimate knowledge of the market they should be able to provide current comparables. Oh, and don’t be greedy!
  • Be honest in your marketing. Avoid exaggeration or hiding any negatives and include plenty of pictures; 35 is not too many for a 2 bedroom flat.  This way viewers have a very accurate idea of the property and no-one’s time is wasted.
  • Presentation is critical. Think Clean, Bright, Clear and Warm.  Clean everything and ensure the property smells fresh (no pet or cooking odours please!), use high wattage bulbs, turn the heating on or open the windows (depending on the season), blinds and curtains opened to the max and declutter everything you can.  Pets and small children should be removed before a viewing if possible too.
  • Paperwork must be prepped and ready. Make sure you are using a great tenancy agreement, have your gas and electricity safety certificates and a thorough inventory with pictures.  Lack of detail in either the agreement or the inventory can lead to confusion, problems and delays.
  • Price isn’t the only consideration. Plenty of factors combine to make ‘the right tenancy’:  dates and length of stay, price, the personality of the tenant, their references, possible wear and tear on the property (eg: pets or toddlers). Weigh all these before making your decision.

I know this works as I’ve done it many a time for clients.  Good luck and do let me know if it works for you too.

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